Our sales solutions leverage technology, analytics, and a team of professionally trained sales executives to help our business partners scale and drive
profit so you can focus on your core business elements that will allow you to meet and exceed sales targets while expand your company quickly and effectively.

What can H!KINEX do for you


We have a dedicated team for identifying potential buyers/clients and creating a sales pipeline for an effective and efficient sales process. We’ll consistently position you for more sales opportunities.

Lead generation

By generating high-quality leads, we ensure that you’ll be connected to interested individuals who can contribute to the growth of your business. This will allow you to focus more on converting and closing deals.

Appointment Setting

Our sales executives establish strong rapport with potential clients using our omnichannel approach through phone calls, emails, and LinkedIn, Introduce your business and open up opportunities for growth.

Nurturing prospects

We follow the 3 Ps in our sales strategy. Personal, Professional, and Persistent. We reinforce your value to your potential clients and help them understand how you can address their pain points.

Is hiring a direct salesperson still the best option?

Adding up all the cost to hire, train, pay for benefits, commissions, and taxes, sums up in to this huge amount which
could actually be lowered if you had opted for other alternatives.

Experience quality solutions designed for
your business growth.

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